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How to Steal an Election - Dirty Trick #666 with help of AP/NBC

An excellent article in the NY Daily News by Shaun King covers many aspects of this, particularly with regard to AP's role.

I will focus on additional details, giving a blow by blow, filled with numbers and dates account, and in particular focus on NBC's roll in these dirty tricks.

On 6/6/16, AP and NBC virtually simultaneously and theoretically independently, called the election by POLLing select elected officials in order to suppress the vote the evening before one of the largest primary election days of the year. An election where the largest state, California, had a recent poll by NBC that showed Bernie leading YUGE

Even with the main stream media clearly favoring Hillary all election season, they have been forced to occasionally come up with excuses.
Today Steve Kornacki false claimed that "a few more superdelegates" changed their minds so it is nothing special that NBC (and AP) virtually simultaneously surprised the world with their "news".

First of all, there was no surprise as clearly demonstrated by this video of Hillary's "secret win" with was decided at least by June 4.

But let's get back to the "few more superdelegates"
At 8:48 PM on June 6th, NBC announced that enough superdelegates were polled "in effect answering if the election were held today WHICH IT ISN'T, their vote is on Jul 25" they would vote for Hillary.
But if you wind the wayback machine JUST TWO HOURS EARLIER

NBC had 19 fewer superdelegates counted.
If you are unfamiliar with the Internet's wonderful Wayback Machine, it's a great way to get around websites that delete their content to hide the truth.

The website address above has a datetime as part of its address. 2016006 is June 6, 2016 and 184502 is 6:45:02 PM. This is a snapshot at that exact time of the NBC News webpage

Next time you think someone is going to hide their changes on a webpage, go to the wayback machine at and enter that webaddress there. It will take an PERMANENT picture of that webpage at that moment and no rigged and bought by powerful people organizations will be able to change it. The Wayback Machine is owned BY NO ONE. It is The Truth. Permanently Preserved. Use it.

But its not perfect. If you don't tell it to save a page, it's own periodic copying of the Internet might not find it. This was the case when AP DELETED a story before the Wayback Machine could find it. Thankfully, Google also has a limited ability to save recent changes. I used Google along with the Wayback Machine to trace AP's history of delegate tallies to help me figure out why NBC decided to suddenly increase its delegate count (aside from the obvious orders from Hillary to do so).

At 1:09:36 PM that day (260606130936), AP also had Hillary far more than "a few delegates" away. Their tally of 547 superdelegates polled for her meant Hillary needed 24 more to reach the magic total of 2283. (This AP story was posted the day before on June 5th at 4:20 PM but the numbers were not updated by AP as will be seen in subsequent screen shots)
Politico rereported this almost same AP information later on June 6th, with a final update of the story at 2:27 PM. So between June 5th at 4:05 PM and June 6th 2:27 PM, AP has found ONLY ONE MORE superdelegate change.

NBC also had similar poor luck in changing their numbers prior to their MAGICAL discover of dozens of delegates (not a FEW delegates Steve Kornacki, whose reputation for encyclopedia knowledge of FACTs must be being tarnished by his new role as PR flack for Hillary/MSNBC).

In the 12 hours before their 6:45 PM report of 2164 delegates, they had only found 3 more delegates (as of 6:26;50 AM on June 6th)

So what changed between 6:45 PM and 8:48 PM on June 6th?
Please read Sean King's reporting on AP's tricks and wonder out loud how NBC could have come to the same finding that roughly 2 dozen people changed their mind in 2 hours.

At 8:20 PM on June 6th AP announced they magically found 24 ELECTED OFFICIALS who all in a 2 hour window decided they wanted to tell news organizations that they were for Hillary: ELECTED officials (AKA superdelegates) who knew exactly what this would do to suppress the vote in 6 states including the nation's largest states, and who perhaps knew that fellow democrats were running for office in those states and that liberal ballot initiates in those states would have fewer democrats coming to vote increasing the chance that conservatives/Republicans would prevail in those voter suppressed elections.... that would explain why they chose to be anonymous so they didn't have to answer to ANGRY voters and ANGRY politicians whose elections were TAMPERED WITH by "Super" delegates who were pressured by Hillary's MANIC need to WIN AT ALL COSTS.

OK, that is opinion, but one that is reasonable given human nature.

But the Internet eventually KNOWS ALL, so those anonymous SELFISH DEMOCRATS WILL BE OUTED. It will start with Wikipedia. The Great Equalizer.
You will see new appearances of super delegates allocated to Hillary. Likely EVERY ONE of them after June 6th 8:20 PM EST will be one of those SELFISH DEMOCRATS suppressing the vote today.

Let the world know who they are, what they did, and act accordingly.

A few more comments on NBC and it's drive to Elect Hillary 

AP has been focused on "making news" to announce primary wins and nomination wins. NBC (and CNN and others) have not been so relentless to make sure they are way out in front. So this call for Hillary by NBC was out of character. Except that they have been in the tank for Hillary for a year or more. And if there is one incident that makes this CRYSTAL CLEAR, it was April 7, 2016 when THE ENTIRE NETWORK REFUSED to cover Bill CLINTON's incredible mistake that day. When EVERY OTHER significant news organization IN THE COUNTRY was covering it. Because it was embarrasing to their candidate. And JUST LIKE FOX, MSNBC (AKA MSDNC) got MARCHING ORDERS FROM THE TOP to IGNORE what was EMBARRASING to THEIR CANDIDATE.

As you can see from my reports on Twitter at the time and my updates on the subsequent thread

Reuters, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time, US News and World Report, Newsweek, Washington Post, NY Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Atlantic, International Business, The Guardian, Salon, Politico, Slate, Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Truth Dig, Talking Points Memo, NY Daily News, Washington Times, Daily Caller, Weekly Standard, Breitbart, 

All those news organizations reported on this black mark on Bill Clinton. Yet MSNBC was silent.
At the same time, NBC posted a HIGHLY edited video clip that showed NONE of Bill Clinton's offensive attacks on Black Lives Matters.

The real story NBC tried to hide.
Finally, many hours after EVERY news organization without NBC in its name covered the REAL story, MSNBC put on a brief apologist (naturally someone who is black, but more importantly a CLEAR HILLARY SUPPORTER) Joy Ann Reid to spend 5 minutes saying "Bill will be Bill". That was it for the whole day.
The next day MSDNC occasionally played the highly edited NBC clip above and didn't say ANYTHING about Bill doing anything wrong.
Because these two days (Apr 7 and 8) the were unanimous (except for Lawrence O'Donnell) wanted to focus on how BAD Bernie was for saying Hillary is unqualified which he did IN RESPONSE to the lawyerly IMPLICATION of the same complaint from Hillary about Bernie.
Finally after no one cared, a couple days later MSDNC did have occasional coverage of the real speech from Bill where he savagely attacked Black Lives Matters protesters calling them MURDERERS.

The extreme difference between MSDNC and NBC on April 7 and the entire news world, made clear to me that their mission, from on top (a la Fox News Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch) was to HIDE NEWS that HURT THEIR CANDIDATE.

These aren't news organizations. They are POLITICAL ADVOCACY GROUPS who should BY LAW have their right to PUBLIC AIRWAVES STRIPPED FROM THEIR GREEDY CORRUPT HANDS.

OK, that's the end of the opinion part of this post. But honestly look at the indisputable facts above and try to reach a different conclusion.

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