Monday, January 9, 2012

Are Corporations People?

Public Policy Polling stands out (among other reasons) because they're not afraid to ask unusual questions like What is God's Approval Rating?

So 4 days ago they asked for suggestions for their South Carolina poll and several people asked them to include the Colbert Referendum which I'm happy to see they took us up on.

So we can now answer the existential question:

Do you think that corporations are people or that only people are people?

67% of South Carolinians think only people are people
33% are so enslaved to corporations, they think corporations are people too.

While 150 years ago:
60% of slaves were counted as people in the Constitution.
That's progress!

80% Age 30-45: Only people are people
38% Age 65+: Corporations are people too
The young may have a heart, but by the time they reach retirement many have to accept that some people aren't human.

47% Age 18-29 - Corporations are people
With young unemployment around 30%, perhaps they misheard the question as "Corporations are the man."

82% of Ron Paul supporters feel that only people are people, but 38% percent of Newt Gingrich supporters are quite content to let corporations be people as long as the paychecks keep coming.

The poll twice asked people who their favorite candidate was. 15 questions after the first time it was asked, they slipped in Steven Colbert's name just to make trouble.

21% of Santorums supporters dropped him by the time they reached the repeated question. That's Santorum momentum.

Colbert finished above two real candidates Huntsman and Roemer: the only GOP candidates to appear on his show. This gives new meaning to the Colbert Bump!

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