Friday, April 6, 2012

Romney Legislative Process - Conservative or Radical?

Rachel Maddow's Show had a big scoop last night.

Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, chaired Michigan's constitutional convention in the early 1960's.

As a result their constitution added a clause to SLOW DOWN when a new law takes effect. Laws passed by a majority take 3-15 months before they are valid (giving the opposition time to repeal it, or giving everyone time to plan how to adjust to it). For emergencies they enacted an exception, so that a 2/3 vote makes the law effective immediately.

When the radical GOP took over Michigan's legislature and governorship, NINETY SIX PERCENT of their passed laws were "emergency laws".

They never had a 2/3 majority. Instead they ignored their constitution. They did not count the votes.

See how the speaker of the house "counts" within 3 seconds that at least 73 people are standing (73 is a 2/3 majority).

A county court just ordered the house republicans to follow their constitution.

Rachel Maddow devoted 16 minutes of her show to this.

Get the word out. Make the rest of the media cover it.

Make Mitt Romney answer what he thinks of his father changing Michigan's constitution to slow down legislation and whether today's GOP's violation of that very consitution is OK.

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