Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stealing back an election

Update: my Twitter attempts to goad Nate Silver and some others into rethinking Maine seems to have worked. And as I suspected, the Ron Paul enthusiasm is already at work making this happen. I suspect there are similar efforts happening via other internet RP communication websites as well as the campaign's internal operations.´

We need 195 more votes!

According to this, as of Nov 8. there were 6907 registered Republicans and 8,247 eligible independents who could vote in the Washington County, Maine GOP caucus.

If the turnout at this Saturday's caucus was the same as the Iowa caucus (5.4%), you'd have 373 GOP and as many as an additional 445 independent voters at the caucus. In 2008 only 113 showed up, but what was their incentive?

Surely the Ron Paul campaign's get out the vote operations can result in 300-500 attendees showing up this Saturday in order to WIN Maine (in the eyes of the MSM).

Do not let the Maine GOP Party chairman decide that 84% of the precincts with Romney in the lead is a FINAL VOTE.

The Iowa GOP Chairman tried to give Romney a tie and now he is no longer the Iowa GOP Chairman, and the media finally reported that Santorum won.

(Of course no one won any final delegates, but that's another story).

Ron Paul can win those 195 votes and the media will have to pay attention an call him the winner of Maine.

From the 2008 Maine caucus, County gave 32 more votes to Mitt than Paul. I have no idea whether Ron Paul's campaign was active in Washington County in 2008, but just to be on the safe side, add those 32 votes to the 195 needed above. In 2008, 113 voters showed up to vote. Add 227 to that making 340.

So if voting more than triples in Washington County caucus next Saturday, that should be enough to give Ron Paul the win in Maine.

But let's be safe, and shoot for finding at least 300 Ron Paul voters to show up in Washington County.

As someone from far away, I'm not legally allowed to vote, but give me a phone list and I'll make those calls.

Let's make all the votes count.

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